FinTech Sandbox

Vince Julier - February 26, 2018

is thrilled that is has just been accepted onto FinTech Sandbox (see - which is a Boston-based non-profit organisation that drives global FinTech innovation and collaboration.

FinTech Sandbox supports the strongest entrepreneurs from across the FinTech ecosystem globally.

FinTech Sandbox has been an early supporter of some industry changing FinTech companies, such as Kensho who was recently sold to S&P Global Intelligence for $550 million (see this link).

FinTech Sandbox’s programme provides access to data feeds and APIs from industry leading data partners, top quality cloud hosting from their infrastructure partners and top quality cloud hosting and other platform services from their Accelerator Partners.

Based on ongoing cash flow analysis from their current participants and alumni, FinTech Sandbox saves the average participating startup $200,000 in data costs.

are particularly delighted to be joining FinTech Sandbox at this time to enable it to work with some world leading data partners, including Thomson Reuters, Morningstar and S&P Global Intelligence as it moves its capability build programme into the testing and optimisation phase.

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