Generating New Insights

Vince Julier - February 28, 2018

announces the key features that will be part of its first research product and offers the opportunity to become a Development Partner.

is offering a selective number of organisations the opportunity to trial its ‘beta’ research product and engage in its development. Such Development Partners will also be given early access to INSIGHTS, a dedicated Blog that gives early access to unique findings from apply the capability.

Contact us today if you are interested in seeing a demonstration and becoming a Development Partner.

’s analytical engines already encompasses some unique and powerful capability that can help you save time and costs, and give you tools to improve performance and create new, valuable insights.

Current key features include:

  • Specialised data harvesting techniques to capture vast quantities of data efficiently and automatically.
  • Automated analytical process saving time and enabling analysis to be up to date.
  • Advanced machine learning techniques to determine a more complete set of relationships between inputs and outputs.
  • Able to examine the extensive quantum of data efficiently to create a more complete financial model for predicting future value.
  • Generates a predictive and fully interconnected economic model of all three financial statements of a company.
  • Gives a scientifically accurate assessment of risk on the model’s predictive strength.
  • Recognises when data changes and immediately determines the impact that change on all outputs.
  • Identifies and highlights novelties, exceptions and outliers in the data.
  • Gives a new, data driven lens on the performance of a company, its operations, what influences its performance, how the market values it, how it compares across the market and how it is connected to others.
  • Truly dynamic research where not only outputs change as input assumptions change, but also the way inputs are connected to outputs can change as new data emerges.
  • FREGNAN’s AI Drive Research is entirely fact based, science based and unbiased.